Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trail of Color

9x12....Oil.... Sold
Fall color along a trail near Lake Irwin, CO


V....Vaughan said...

oh my my!!! These look good, Peggy!!! I especially like this one and all the color! Great title!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD are growing before my very eyes!
Suddenly it feels like I already replied...sorry...different computer and it looks like I had not answered...coming to paint in Rockport on April 28 or so....

Serenity Evenstar said...

Hi Peggy.
I just looked through your paintings and I love them, much more than I did your painting of the fly back in college. I think my favorite is the gate from Wimberly. That was always one of my favorite places. Have you ever shown your work in Wimberly? Let's talk soon. I miss having you as a friend.
Vanessa Harrison Schilling